BT: Why do you still play WoW?

I left a comment on WoW Insider’s latest Breakfast Topic, and just couldn’t resist posting it here as well, since it is so very True™.


WoW is like a second life to me, because all of my characters have personalities, stories and lives of their own in my head.


WoW was the first media *ever* – and I would like to note that I’m 30 and I read/watched/played literally thousands of stuff in my life so far – to awake my creativity. I have always been utterly in love with Stories. I have also always have been deeply envious of people that are able to create them, or even characters “without stories”.


So why do I still play WoW?


I could say it’s because I love Wacraft’s franchise story the best.

I could say it’s because I still have pleanty of things to do (and yet I have been playing since Classic).

I could say it’s because the more I play, the more aspects of the game I come to love and enjoy.


But really, in the end, I play WoW because it’s the best, tastiest, most sumptuous nourishment for the creativity I didn’t think I had.


Will you marry me, Blizzard?

Have a look at THIS.

Starting next week I will be able to transform into THAT (well, Darah will, but still)!!!

You can keep your one-million-gold (yes, literally) Jeweled Onyx Panther, jewelcrafting goblins!

Riding a flying panther? How about

BEING a flying panther!!!!!!

A dazzling, astonishing, bamboozling flying panther. Being one.

OMG this is AMAZIIIIIIIIING!… *drools all over the place, then faints*

\\^O^\\ \\^O^// //^O^// <— I’m not merely dancing… I’m bouncing off the freaking walls.

P.S.: I will forgive Blizzard for not making a playable cat-people race now. A space goat that turns into a winged, flying, shiny panther?!? YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT, BIOWARE.

P.P.S.: There’s no celebration big enough for this event. This is even better than having a Swift Spectral Tiger mount (but not better than having a Spectral Tiger Cub! ^__~).

P.P.P.S: Just in case you’re now confused because you were not stalking Twitter like me, here’s one of my sources. A Blizz Blue confirmed this, so it’s official.

My personal Mists of Pandaria bucket list

One thing is for certain: MoP is NOT gonna find me unprepared, despite what Illidan might say or think.

The only kind of rich goblin is the organized one… The one with a Plan… The one with a bucket list! ^O^

Daily tasks:

  • Scan the AH
  • Search the AH for possible deals (≤40% normal price)
  • Browse WoWuction for possible profit
  • Do Cooking/Fishing/ Jewelcrafting dailies
  • Use Alchemy/Inscription/Tailoring cooldowns
  • Bonus: Dalaran Cooking & Fishing dailies to get 3 Awards + 50 Northern Spices for each alt

Specific goals, roughly in order of priority:

  1. Get Embersilk Bags for every character/slot (Horde)
  2. Level-cap Horde Shaman, along with Herbalism/Alchemy
  3. Get missing recipes: Eng > Alch > Ench > Tail > LW
  4. Level Cooking on Hunter > Warlock > Rogue > Druid (Alliance)
  5. Stockpile Herbs > Dusts > Inks > Bars (Alliance)
  6. Get missing recipes: Eng  > Ench > Tail > JC > Alch
  7. Level Cooking on Mage > Death Knight > Shaman (Horde)
  8. Stockpile Dusts > Gems > Herbs (Horde)
  9. Stockpile recipes/pets (Alliance)
  10. Stockpile recipes/pets (Horde)
  11. Get Loremaster
  12. Purchase RAF, set up account 2
  13. Get more Embersilk Bags
  14. Level-cap Draenei Paladin with Mining/Jewelcrafting
  15. Stockpile Gems
  16. Get more Embersilk Bags
  17. Level-cap Troll Hunter with Herbalism/Inscription
  18. Stockpile Herbs
  19. Get missingpets
  20. Get missing general achievements
  21. Get more Embersilk Bags
  22. Level-cap Tauren Druid with Herbalism/Mining

…It’s HUGE.

I will consider myself very lucky if I get to do up to and included point 11.

The worst part is that I could still go on and on… Who said there was nothing left to be doing in WoW anymore?!? @__@;