BT: Why do you still play WoW?

I left a comment on WoW Insider’s latest Breakfast Topic, and just couldn’t resist posting it here as well, since it is so very True™.


WoW is like a second life to me, because all of my characters have personalities, stories and lives of their own in my head.


WoW was the first media *ever* – and I would like to note that I’m 30 and I read/watched/played literally thousands of stuff in my life so far – to awake my creativity. I have always been utterly in love with Stories. I have also always have been deeply envious of people that are able to create them, or even characters “without stories”.


So why do I still play WoW?


I could say it’s because I love Wacraft’s franchise story the best.

I could say it’s because I still have pleanty of things to do (and yet I have been playing since Classic).

I could say it’s because the more I play, the more aspects of the game I come to love and enjoy.


But really, in the end, I play WoW because it’s the best, tastiest, most sumptuous nourishment for the creativity I didn’t think I had.