Good things and bad things

Good thing: Mists of Pandaria releases on September 25th, which is just about the perfect timing in regard to the wedding.

Bad thing: if I don’t want to miss it – and I most emphatically don’t – I will have to postpone my tooth replacing, which is a really unpractical thing anyway that will require me to go back to Italy for at least 3 weeks and even to go back and forth from Rome to Milan multiple times. SO annoying.


Good thing: I’m just back from trying on my wedding dress, and it’s oh so lovely. Why aren’t women wearing dresses in that style anymore?

I know, not very practical. But still, so beautiful! ♥

Bad thing: as I suspected, I gained 1.5 kilos since I hurt my ankle. Even though I ate much less than before (I count calories so I know that with certainity). That is really bad, as the dress was tight around the chest and I’m getting married in one month  and a half… Luckily, I have green lights for starting aerobics again on Sunday so hopefully I should be able to shed the extra weight in time. Stupid ankle. >_<


Good thing: I have a dear, dear friend that I feel most lucky to have met. He is a wonderful, gentle, intelligent person the kind of which I can’t really say it’s common in this world (he’s even handsome, even has a sexy voice!).

Bad thing: said friend doesn’t think nearly highly enough of himself, and even worst we live in different countries so I can’t go to him every day to knock some sense into him by brute force (such a delicate girl I am, I know).

Why is it that the best people in the world never ever seem to realize just how special and precious they are? While the jerks always seem to have such a high opinion of themselves, too… It drives me crazy, goddammit!!


Random thing: those pirates in Tanaris look so fit. I wonder what kind of gym are they subscribed to.

looking oh so fit

Nice pants, btw.


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