BT: Why do you still play WoW?

I left a comment on WoW Insider’s latest Breakfast Topic, and just couldn’t resist posting it here as well, since it is so very True™.


WoW is like a second life to me, because all of my characters have personalities, stories and lives of their own in my head.


WoW was the first media *ever* – and I would like to note that I’m 30 and I read/watched/played literally thousands of stuff in my life so far – to awake my creativity. I have always been utterly in love with Stories. I have also always have been deeply envious of people that are able to create them, or even characters “without stories”.


So why do I still play WoW?


I could say it’s because I love Wacraft’s franchise story the best.

I could say it’s because I still have pleanty of things to do (and yet I have been playing since Classic).

I could say it’s because the more I play, the more aspects of the game I come to love and enjoy.


But really, in the end, I play WoW because it’s the best, tastiest, most sumptuous nourishment for the creativity I didn’t think I had.


3 comments on “BT: Why do you still play WoW?

  1. Great list you put together, but I think you forgot that there’s also the chance at some sweet mounts and epic loot 🙂 My favorite is the community of people you get to meet. There’s a lot of funny and creative people out there who are WoW fans!

  2. I love to hear the other side of the coin, rather than the jaded bland parts of WoW. You’ve figured out that at the core, it’s the players who really add life and vitality to the community, no matter the content.

    Nice blog too, I’ll be stopping by regularly.

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