That’s right, “goals” backwards… because if I measure my day in WoW by things still to be done, I’m gonna flip out crazy, ‘mon.

It’ll be boring, but then again nobody’s gonna read this anyway and it’s my blog, so who gives a damn.

Saturday, July 21st

Dear diary,

today after doing all of my daily AH scans, quests and shuffles,

Pallade reached 300 skill in both Mining and Jewelcrafting. She’d be ready for outland stuff now, wasn’t it for the fact that the AH only sold 16 Black Diamonds out of the 18 she needs. Just one short, gah! And no, my Math is correct – she already had one, kindly donated by the Family.

Juljin got to a mighty level 7 already! Judging by her attitude, I bet she feels at least 20 levels higher than that.

Crocolisk in the city was not up, so Anzu got to rest a bit as well.


In other news, I’m tired and hungry, but after being a prick earlier, my fiancé redeemed himself by donating stuff and gold to the family. I forgive him… Maybe we should squabble more often. :p


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